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Welcome to the SFHA 6.1 Beta Program

Welcome to the Symantec Connect page for the Storage Foundation High Available 6.1 Beta program.  Over the coming weeks and months we will be using this site to post updates, white-papers, use case guides, and much more.  

For the first post, let's introduce the features we will be introducing for our 6.1 release, and please check back often for updates.

SFHA 6.1 is focused on I/O Optimization, reduction of infrastructure, and unparalleled availability of mission critical applications while allowing customers to take advantage of new and continuing trends in the Data Center.

SFHA 6.1 Beta will be focused on Linux platforms and provide early access into many new and exciting features, including:

Storage Foundation

- SmartIO provides application and server administrators granular, online performance control and I/O Optimization within Storage Foundation. SmartIO utilizes Solid State devices to increase the performance of applications with high throughput, low latency requirements, while reducing the IOP requirements on back-end storage allowing for greater consolidation and lower-cost storage.

Cluster File System

Flexible Storage Sharing allows customers to add high availability to any system and application without adding additional resources for “shared nothing” clustering. Flexible Storage Sharing gives applications high speed RDMA access to data stored on internal SSD, HDD, or a hybrid of DAS and SAN storage.

Storage Foundation HA

Adaptive HA provides automated methods to determine where in a cluster an application should migrate during fail-over.  Utilizing CPUMemory, and Forecasting techniques, Adaptive HA ensures optimal conditions for your mission critical applications are met during a disaster.

Pooled Application Protection combines with Virtual Business Services to ensure the proper number of servers required to keep an application running are online at all times.  Multi-tiered business services generally include farms of servers at any tier. Pooled Application Protection watches the server farms at the tier level and takes action on that tier without impacting the overall application.

Veritas Cluster Server

-  Application Wizard based configuration will be a guided process to detect a running application on a cluster node and generate a VCS configuration.

-  Live Migration of Virtual Machines using native Live Migration functionality through the VCS CLI or GUI when clustering Virtual Machines.

-  Distributed Site Management allows for centralized management of sites in a campus cluster configuration.

-  3rd party clusterware within VBS to configure multi-tier applications even if one tier is using Microsoft Cluster Server.

-  Adaptive HA enables dynamic failover target selection to ensure failover to the most appropriate node.

Common Product Installer (CPI)

Cloud Installer to serve as a central repository to push out full installs and updates across versions and operating systems.



How to download SF 6.1 beta for testing?



The 6.1 Beta code is not currently available for download.  We will make this available through the SymBeta site in the coming months.

Until then, we are making other alternatives available for our customers and partners to get more insight and, most importantly, provide feedback on these new features.

This site is being updated on a weekly basis with documents and video demos that give an early access look into the features.  We will continue to add more collateral as we get closer to onsite availability.

We will also be announcing the availability for specific features on our set-up over the next few weeks. will allow our customers and partners a hands-on experience withing the Symantec environment.

Do you have a specific set of features you are looking to test?  Any specific workload or use-case you think one of our features would be a great fit for?

As always, we are actively seeking input from members of this group so that we can make sure these features meet your needs, are flexible enough for any environment, and are easy and intuitive to use.