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The Veritas Availability blog brings to you the latest news and views about how to keep mission-critical applications highly available and minimize downtime with fast failover. Learn about predictable availability, application resiliency, and storage efficiency across multi-cloud, virtual, and physical environments.

Blog Articles

InfoScale Availability Support for Kubernetes

InfoScale Availability will support containers in Kubernetes with the InfoScale 7.4.3 release. This feature is intended to simplify support for making applications running in containers highly availab...


Veritas Storage Services for Containers: Pull & Run

NOTE: This is a tecnology preview demoIn this demo I am going to show you how simple is to provide persistent storage for containers using Veritas Storage Services. This simplicity needs to be aligned...


Docker Persistent Storage: From Laptop to the Cloud

Containers are a hot topic where every vendor wants to be present and where there are a good numbers of incumbents that are trying to get a name in this trend. With higher consolidation rates than Vir...


Say Goodbye to the Noisy Neighbor when Using Docker

One of the major challenges with any kind of virtualization is to have the ability to provide enough and consistent performance to the different applications that will be running. When Virtual Machine...


What are your needs for persistent storage with Docker?

In a few days you will hear about a new version for our Docker Plug-in for InfoScale where we take advantage of new InfoScale 7.1 capabilities to provide quality of service and avoid the noisy neighbo...


Quality of Service - Maxiops SLA

Data centers today service multiple independent applications which share storage resources. Unless applications are completely isolated from one another, whenever they vie for a shared resource, conte...