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The Veritas Availability blog brings to you the latest news and views about how to keep mission-critical applications highly available and minimize downtime with fast failover. Learn about predictable availability, application resiliency, and storage efficiency across multi-cloud, virtual, and physical environments.

Blog Articles

Welcome to the Cluster FIle System Blog

Hello all! Welcome to the Cluster File System blog. This blog will serve as a sounding board for engineering and product management to discuss their views on cluster file systems: What are they good f...


Benchmark Results show VxFS faster than ZFS

Last week Symantec published some benchmark results comparing Storage Foundations and ZFS that suggest VxFS is around 3 times faster than ZFS for workloads typical of many commercial applications. The...


Sun's Comparision of VxFS and ZFS Scalability is Flawed

Some engineers at Sun promoting ZFS have been publishing comparisons between VxFS and ZFS that are rather unflattering to VxFS. You can read the most recent white papers they've published comparing ZF...


Storage Management Essentials for Business

Storage capacity requirements are growing at an explosive rate, complicating data and storage management in mission-critical and compliance-driven environments. Enterprises need to securely store more...


Device Discovery in DMP

The first basic function for a multi path (MP) driver is to identify the set of block devices that can be supported. The device discovery is generally triggered when the MP driver is loaded into the o...


'Hello!' from the the Storage Management Group

Welcome to the Veritas Storage Management technical blog. My name is Rob Soderbery and I run the Storage Management Group at Symantec, leading a team of engineers developing the Storage Foundation and...