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AD SDR Gives login error


In our customer place they are using Backup exec appliance 2012

There is Full system backup is configured with SDR for active directory

Active directory crashed. and we tried to restore the entire system using SDR

we gave domain credetials and we were able to browse the recovery points, and we are able to start the restore process, and we get the below mentioned error.

the job failed with the following error: Backup exec could not log on the server with the logon account specified for it. The logon account does not have valid credentials. Ensure that the user name and passwords are correct in the logon accounts.

we also tried using local administrator account. but same error.


note: backup exec services are running under domain user.

backup exec system account is running under local administrator account. we treid changing the system account password also. but no use.

finally symantec engineer says its credential issue, and we are providing wrong credentials. We are totally confused.

Need some support here.














3 Replies

I suggest that you do a

I suggest that you do a manual recovery of the DC. See this document

Hi Unfortunately, Customer

Hi Unfortunately,

Customer does not want to go with this method,

he says he wanted the SDR Way. Since we commited.

Secondly we tried restoring at system state level, but it also giving same credential error.





I would think recovering AD

I would think recovering AD is ot utmost importance first rather than the method used to recover. Is your customer willing to troubleshoot the SDR method and ok with his AD being down OR does he prefer to have his AD up and running asap ?

Go ahead with pkh's suggestion and recovery AD using the manual method. Once AD has been recovered, you could probably troubleshoot SDR using a test/virtual machine.