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Appliance 3600.R3 upgrading to BE 15


I received notification of updates to Backup Exec 15.
Will there be a dedicated update for Appliance 3600.R3 ??


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...there should be an update

...there should be an update available for the appliance that you'd need to download. Just check what's available on the appliance itself.

The appliance has been discontinued, but will receive support and product upgrades till 2020...check below:


There will be a later update

There will be a later update for the appliance that will include BE 15. Do not update the appliance separately to this version of Backup Exec!


Thanks... What is the date of


What is the date of the publication of an update for appliance ???


There will be more

There will be more communication comming for this but expect at least / around 90 days post BE15 GA.