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BE 16 for 3600?

Seeing that the BE3600 will only reach EOSL in 2018, does anyone know if BE16 software will be released for the appliance?

(I have reached out to Product Management as well...) 

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Re: BE 16 for 3600?

Hi Marianne, This should help you: Thanks! Craig

Re: BE 16 for 3600?

Hi Craig

Apologies for late reply - my VAM account was broken for a week (someone in Veritas decided to change my logon email address to something else that does not exist).

The document helps in a way, but the promise to keep on releasing updates for the Appliance did unfortunately not realize... 

We were told by Product Management :

"Sadly BE16 won't be supported on the BE3600 appliance.

We can offer a migration to 5TB Capacity if this helps? "

Seems BE15 was the last software for the Appliance.


Re: BE 16 for 3600?

I am not getting updates on all of the queries I post on...more issues. That aside, the document from Veritas is therefore very misleading! What migration to 5TB capacity are they talking about? The NBU appliance? Pity they discontinued this appeared to be very good!

Re: BE 16 for 3600?

The 5TB capacity seems to be Capacity license for migration to normal media server with Dedupe.