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BE 2014 - Exchange Restore (Emails Missing)

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Afternoon All.

Having another issue with my new appliances which I am hoping somebody may be able to assist with.

Just to give some background to the problem

  • Previous Environment - HP Proliant Server with Backup Exec 2012.
  • New Environment - Backup Exec Appliance 2600 with Backup Exec 2014 (fully patched).
  • Exchange Environment - MS Exchange 2007 SP3.

A request has come in to restore some emails from a historical backup (from March 2014) and I have identified the tape which has the relevant data on it however when I have cataloged it on the new appliance a ton of emails are missing from users mailboxes (in some instances there are no emails from the whole of 2012 and 2013 appearing within the restore options).

I have inserted the same media into the BE2012 environment which is still in place and can confirm that all the emails are visible and avaliable for restore within Backup Exec 2012 however due to the fact that I have upgraded the agent on the Exchange Server to the necessary BE2014 agent I am unable to restore to the users mailbox.  I have approx 35 users requiring restores from this period so would rather not go down the PST restore route.

Has anybody got any ideas as to why my new BE2014 server is not displaying all the messages I would expect to be avaliable?

I should stress that some mailboxes have the messages avaliable for restore - it is only some which are not appearing with their full content avaliable.





Level 3

Sorry I failed to mention that the mailboxes I am attempting to restore from have an unusually high numbers of emails within the Inbox folder.

Are there any limitations on the number of items viewable when attempting to do a restore through BE2014?

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use the workaround from article


You can also try to duplicate the IS backup to Disk and then try the restore (since you said this worked in BE 2012 server).