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BE 3600 R2 Appliance IE

HI All,


I have a BE 3600 appliance installed at a customer site.


I configure it, using domain admin account created for backup exec.


The moment I add the appliance to the domain using the domain admin account,

I can no longer log into the Internet Explorer with the aplliance administrator account that I configured.


I can also not log into the IE with the account I used to add it onto the domain. In fact I  cannot log into it with any account. tried the domain admin account as well.


I have raised this with some support engineers personally and received no solution for this.


I have configured 5 different appliances and all the same issue? the only way to fix, powershell > reset password.


Any help/solution?

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Do you have any policies on

Do you have any policies on the domain that might be preventing logons to the appliance, or locking down IE on servers?

Otherwise continue with support and escalate the call up the chain of support.


Howzit,   No policies as



No policies as such.


I have this problem at more than one customer with different policies and procedures in place.

Escalating to support doenst really help.

Had a support call open with

Had a support call open with symantec.


Still no solution. according to them it seems like a one in a million problem .

but on every single appliance that Ive installed I had this issue.