BE 3600 suggested backup selection

So we use a 3600 and the only information I have on what to back up to the off site tape was a small section in the admin guide, problem is there are not a lot of details and it really doesn't explain where the data is stored for the devices we backup. I know placing the information on tape may seem backwards but the whole point is minimizing risk. If I'm not backing up the relevant data to offsite I'm not doing my job. Sooooo, what is the full path(s) on a BE 3600 for the images that are stored on it from backing up other servers? What are the suggested full backup data selections?

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Full Selections

In Backup Exec 2012, BE will automatically select the necessary data when you are performing a full system backup as a default.  Are you trying to do full backups for DR purposes to recover the entire system?  Or just the application data?  This can be tuned based on your recovery objectives.

I am not sure i understand your first question about the path(s) for storage.  Can you elaborate?




Full backup for both DR of

Full backup for both DR of the device and recovery of the data backed up to it, which I realise may be the same thing, Since BE 2010 R3 doesn't seem to auto select the needed info I want to be sure what is already in the selection list is what is needed.


DR Selections

By Default, Backup Exec 2012 will select all critical system components needed for performing a disaster recovery of the system when you create the backup job - typically referrred to as Simplfied Disaster Recovery or SDR.  When viewing the backup job, you will see a green radio button indicating that all the necessary information is being protected to perform a DR event.  

The article below discusses the recovery process.  Notice the green radio button highlighted in the first graphic indicating all components are being protected to perform a DR.  




2010 or 2012

Do you have first gen appliance which was shippend with 2010 or second gen which was shipped with 2012 ? In 2010 you create the selection list and select the resource. 2012 will auto select resource. 3600 appliance store all the back up related data on SSD disk under deduplication folder.


Sorry for the late reply been

Sorry for the late reply been busy with work, We have the first gen I suppose seeing as it has BE 2010 R3 and not 2012. Thanks for reminding me I left off that important bit of information Raj, Any insight or documents you can point out that will clarify the details I'm looking for would be great. 


We have this technote that

We have this technote that covers the high level process:


Specifically, these are the steps that you need to perform:

Create a reocurring backup job that protects the deduplication storage

  • Select "Shadow Copy Components\User Data\Backup Exec Deduplication Storage" to backup the deduplication storage
  • Select "D:\BackupExec\Catalogs" to capture the catalog data
  • Set a schedule for this job (daily, etc.)
  • Target a device such as an external hard drive, USB RDX drive, etc
  • Run

To rebuild after the DR, assuming that the data drives have been lost, etc.



  1. Recreate RAID5 volume and virtual disk
  2. Perform a factory reset 
  • Use USB Key Method (http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH188472)
  • Or Powershell from the Instruction in the Admin Guide
  1. Complete initial configuration using same credentials for the appliance and deduplication storage used in the initial setup
  2. Connect the external device where backup of deduplication storage was sent and restore the deduplication storage
  3. Inventory newly restored deduplication storage, perform catalog if necessary
  4. Restore Backup Exec database
  • Select the latest “D:\BackupExec\BEDB\BEDB.bak”
  • Add a post command “PrepareBEDBRecovery.bat” to the job properties

Reboot the appliance and DR completes



I hope this helps you with

I hope this helps you with some background information...

There are two sets of storage drives in the appliance, 1) a mirrored SSD set (two 2.5" drives), 2) a RAID HDD striped set (four 3.5" SATA drives)

Mirrored SSDs: Backup Exec stores it's jobs logs here (C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data).  The first gen appliance has 40 GB drives and the second gen has 80 GB drives.  The dedup folder is NOT located here.

RAID HDDs: This is where Backup Exec stores: 1) Appliance_Dedup information (D:\Appliance_Dedup, 2) The Backup Exec metadata - Catalogs, BE data base, troubleshooting logs, (D:\BackupExec), & 3) The BE dedup folder where all the data is backed up to (D:\BEData.  The size of the stripes set is approx. 5.4 TB in size.