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BEA RemoteApp Disconnected-Wrong server name in RDP

I have a new BEA 3600 running Backup Exec 2012 and it cannot create a good RDP.  The RDP it creates has the wrong server name. 

I connect to the Appliance.  Click on Manage then Remote Launch.  Click Backup Exec Administration Console Utility.

If I save the BkupLnch.RDP file to my computer and rename it with the extension .TXT I can open it in Notepad.  I can see the server address is incorrect.  If I fix the server name and save it then rename it back to RDP it works. 

How do I fix this on the BEA Appliance so the RDP's work when created?

*******Here is a copy of the RDP.  It has the wrong address in the  "Full Address:" line.  It should be just BEA2*****

session bpp:i:32
prompt for credentials on client:i:1
span monitors:i:1
use multimon:i:1
server port:i:3389
allow font smoothing:i:1
authentication level:i:2
alternate shell:s:||BkupLnch

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...make sure RDP has been

Thanks CraigV for the reply. 

Thanks CraigV for the reply.  I am not sure that your links are the answer to my issue.  The RDP works fine if I change the name of the Backup Exec Appliance to the correct name.  

Here are the steps I use:

I connect to the Appliance in Internet Explorer using its IP address.  I log in to the appliance as local administrator.  Click on Manage tab.  Click on Remote Launch.  Click on Backup Exec Administration Console Utility (or any of the Remote Launch items.)  Click Open when prompted on the BkupLnch.rdp.  The RemoteApp says Connecting to After 30 seconds it opens a error message dialog box.

RemoteApp Disconnected

Remote Desktop Can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1)Remote access to the server is not enabled 2)The remote computer is turned off 3)The remote computer is not available on the network.

The problem is the connection is connecting to BEA2.COM and the server name is BEA2.  It should not have the .COM after the server name.  If I save the RDP to my desktop and edit the server name it work!

Why does the Appliance create a RDP with the wrong server name?

...sounds like a

...sounds like a configuration error. I would suggest logging a support call around this. Then post back here with the update.


Usually we only see this if

Usually we only see this if the server name was changed outside of Symantec OpsCenter.

If the server name was not changed via the web UI, the scripts to make all of the appropriate changes were not executed so there may end up being more issues than just remote launch apps failing to start.

If this is a newly configured appliance, it may be a better long-term solution to factory reset the appliance and do the configuration over again from the start.

Changing the server name outside of OpsCenter is not the supported way of doing this.

To factory reset the appliance, please see page 92 of the 3600 Appliance Admin Guide:

For guidance on configuring the appliance via OpsCenter, please see Page 17 of the Getting Started Guid:

Both documents found in article:


If you run into any issues during the reset or the configuration, please give us a call and have a support case created.