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Backup Exec 3600 Appliance not supporting GRT on Server 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013

Hello Support,

Can I get help with an issue on Backup Exec Appliance not supporting GRT with restores of Server 2012 R2, Exchange 2013, Active Directory, Sharepoint 2013, in fact all GRT required products.

I know the appliance is EOL. I thought getting the R3 appliance would enable me restore GRT supported applications from Backup Exec 2014.

Now I have to deselect GRT as I keep getting backup complete but with exceptions.

The GRT works well in non-BE 3600 appliance environments.

I saw the below in the hardware compatibitity list on page 10

Backup Exec Deduplication Disk Storage and BE 3600 appliance
Non-GRT and GRT backups are supported and no staging is needed for GRT restores.

But the GRT does not work on the appliance.

Who else has this issue and has it been resolved?

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Are you running BE 3600 R3 or

Are you running BE 3600 R3 or a prior release ?

If you are already running 3600 R3, there are certain GRT limitations as mentioned in

Hi VJware, Thank you for the

Hi VJware,

Thank you for the reply. Do I have to buy anotehr Backup Exec license to be able to do this?

If yes, then the appliance was only purchased for the storage and nothing else.

Luckily one of the customers with this appliance has migrated Exchange to O365


Typically for GRT, one needs

Typically for GRT, one needs the appropriate number of Agent for Applications & Database license and afaik, this is already included with the Appliance edition.

Hi VJware, The GRT is

Hi VJware,

The GRT is included alright, but the OS on the appliance is Windows 2008 and not Windows Server 2012.

The GRT supported servers I have all run Server 2012 R2. The AD backup settings already state that to backup this server i need a BEWS media server running on Windows Server 2012.

I felt this appliance can be upgraded to server 2012 OS so i can get my GRT backups as I would on a regular HP or Dell BEWS media server.


Unfortunately, the

Unfortunately, the appliance's OS cannot be upgraded.


VJware, Does this mean I have

VJware, Does this mean I have to get another license for a new media server?


Possibly yes. I would suggest

Possibly yes. I would suggest to confirm the same with our Sales and Licensing team for the best options forward.