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Backup Exec Appliance Restore Problem

I have a new job and now I have to monitor a backup exec appliance.  My new boss just asked me to run a test restore.  The last backup exec system I used (not an appliance), I click on restore and picked the file I want to restore. 

The problem is that when I click on restore, the only option I get is either system state or a blank window.  I look at the what is being backed up is the network shares NOT the drives, which are excluded.  When I look at the Backup Set, the only thing I see is the system state.

The backups say successful but I'm not sure what it is really backing up.

The question:  How can I make sure that the network shares are being backed up and how to run a test restore?


Thank you

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Hi,   Why not backup the



Why not backup the folders on the servers themselves? You need to open up the backup job and see what's selected and compare that against the job report that is generated at the end of each job.


The backup job matches the

The backup job matches the brief details but there are no files to restore.  That is the problem.  What are the steps to restore a file? a screenshot. a screenshot.

Well successfull backups

Well successfull backups don't always mean that they are indeed successfull... check the job logs and see if there is actual data being copied and if that data is the correct data. And also provide us a screenshot like CraigV asked.

When you say shares, do you

When you say shares, do you mean DFSR shares? If so those must be backed up from SCC.

Here are some screenshots.

Here are some screenshots.  One shows what should be backed up.  One is the log history and the other is the backup set. 

In the log history, every drive letter says skipped.  The other sections say complete.

...any reason why you aren't

...any reason why you aren't using the remote agent on that server and backing up the drives?


because this are network

because this are network mappings, you should also review the settings in the shedule.

there should be an option like "follow remote juntion points" this must be selected because backupexec will skip network shares by default