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Backup Exec appliance 3600 server Lockup/Freeze

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I am having an issue with backup exec for a while and no one has been able to help me yet with it.
 Our media server keep locking 3-4times a week, when that does occurs:
- Can't remote in using the remote application shortcut
 - Can't remote in using power shell
 - We receive no more email
 - Can't connect on the appliance webpage to launch a reboot
 - On the console, i can move the mouse, but can't do a CTRL+ALT+DEL it is froze up there..
 - When i reboot the server, there's no evenid beetween the time it has froze up and the reboot time
 - I had this issue with Backup Exec 2012 SP4, i upgraded last week to Backup Exec 2014 and it still happening 3-4x times a week
 - It does occurs while jobs are running, but thats all i know
The only thing that fix the problem is to hard reset the server, and it is fixed until 1-2days later it lockup again
I opened a case with Symantec: CaseID: 07348134
I am scratching my head over this for months, please help me out with this!!!



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...have you tried a repair?


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You probably got this problem

With SP1 we have a good workaround for this (not the one currenty in the TN, it will be updated shortly) and it will then not have these lockups. Please do not do repair installs of BE without knowing more of the root cause and definately not on the appliance.

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I have this problem. I have 2 appliances and nearly once a week the servers will hang up and freeze.

I can still ping the boxes but I cannot remote desktop to it. 

I need to go into my comms room and power off the server and reboot.

I'm spending some much administration time on the hardware and servers of backups that I'm seriosuly considering dumping this solution for something much more reliable. 

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I would blame this to hardware being faulty and not software?

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Maths911, did you ever come to a resolution on this?


I am having the same issue and have not come to a resolution yet either....