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Backup exec appliance OS crashed

Dear all,

Im new to symantec and Im a system engineer for an oil and gas company.I need your thoughts and ideas on a problem Im facing.I have a symantec BE 3600 appliance which has OS windows server storage 2008 standard os.Recently,I cannot access the device remotely and using my cable.I want to reinstal the OS.IS it possible to just remove the first hard disc and install the os in it,then replace because i dont know on which hard disc the OS is installed

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Re: Backup exec appliance OS crashed



You might want to check out the TN below:

There is a very specific way to recover the appliance. If in doubt, log a call with Veritas support.


Re: Backup exec appliance OS crashed

It's better to concat Veritas support, If your doing manually & some thing goes wrong you will not be covered with warrenty.