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BackupExec Appliance 3600R2 with CASO

The existing environment now that i have a BackupExec Server attached to the fiber tape library and i purchased Backup Exec appliance and CASO for the Physical server to enable the Physical server to manage the appliance and delegates jobs to it. I get an error everytime i tried to add the backup exec appliance as MBES for the Physical server.

I want to double check if this solution is applicable and  if anyone has any ideas regarding the steps have to be done to perform this solution.

On the other hand , I want to notify that the physical Backup Exec server databse is SQL 2008R2 Express

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Have you enabled the physical

Have you enabled the physical server as a CAS before you try to change the appliance into a managed server? What are the error messages that you got?

...and I assume that the

...and I assume that the versions of the CASO server and the appliance are the same, including Service Packs for BE?

Make sure that the required port is open on any firewall running... (Port 103x TCP)