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Client-Side/Server-Side Deduplication option is missing


I have the BE 3600 Appliance and I have recently upgraded it to BE2014 (BE 3600 Appliance R3).


I have removed all backup jobs and set it from scratch. The backups are running from a several days. I realized that I did not set client-side deduplication option for a few servers and when I tried to edit the backup job I found that the deduplication option is missing. 


I did not see the deduplication option under:

click Edit Backups -> click on the job that I wanted to edit -> Edit -> Storage




how to change deduplication option in BackupExec 2014 ?

Is this a bug or this option changed the place ?









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I think that multi-server

I think that multi-server backup jobs are only allowed to use server-side dedupe, so the option is removed.

first see that in the

first see that in the properties of the deduplication device see that client side dedup is has status enabled. Then setup a job of just one remote server and again confirm that the option is there in the job when selecting storage.

im using backup exec 2014 SP1

im using backup exec 2014 SP1 HF1 everything worked fine but suddenly on old and new job Client/Server Side Deduplication option is missing and i cant configure it anymore , i've checked Storage (its a local deduplication disk) and client-side deduplication is enabled on that dedup-disk.

after some more checking i find out that my deduplication ratio on a 6 TB disk is just 1:1.02!!! but when i calculate backup sets on that disk its stored more than 15 TB on that dedup disk . (i think Interface is showing wrong ratio)

also i upgraded my server to SP2 HF1 but thats not solved any of my problems .

backup exec 2014 SP2 HF1 (Software) - HP DL380 G6 - Local Disk Storage - Windows Server 2012 R2.


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