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Conversion to Virtual

Hi all,

i'm playing with 1 time conversion to virtual, i want add an extra job on few physical servers to convert the last backup to a vm and i want to see the time this job takes and few options.

During the conversion Backup Exec 2014 asks for the VMware Tools iso, which i downloaded according the the ESXi version we run from here:, path is completely accessibile (also because it's located in C:\ISO of the appliance) and conversion to virtual works properly.

Anyway whenever i check the resulting VM generated the tools are never installed, so basically the generated vm is not ready to be fired up immediately in case something on the physical hosts goes wrong.

Is it "normal" or am i missing some? Because if BE asks for vmware tools iso i guess they should be automatically installed.....


Thx in advance!

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Hi, Check the link


Check the link below...the video will show you how it's done. Just make sure you've complied with the same settings etc:


Hi, thanks for the vid but i


thanks for the vid but i didnt get any useful information from question is:

i've just picked the wrong vmware tools iso (which is weird because i know what version i'm running) or there's something else BE2014 side which could be messed up?