Dedupe Services wont start, BackupExec Appliance

I need some assistance and I guess because of something internal at Symantec today I am unable to create a technical support case, so anyone who can assist me, I would be very thankful.

We have a Backup Exec Appliance installed at a customer site, and everything for the most part has been working just fine. Last night the appliance was rebooted and upon startup we lost access to our Deduplication storage.

Looking at it further, I can see that the following services are stopped, and I cannot get them to start; no amount on stopping services or restarting services or even rebooting resolves this:


----Backup Exec PureDisk Filesystem Service

----PostgreSQL Server 8.3

----Backup Exec Deduplication Manager

----Backup Exec Deduplication Engine


Previous reboots for patch installation via the Appliance have not caused this to occur.:


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Checking on this

Jeremy - I am doing some research on thsi.  Do you happen to have a case # for this?



A few more questions


Have the  deduplication device user credentials been changed?  I assume this is the first time the dedupe services have failed to start?  

Has anything changed regarding the appliance role manged media server or central admin sever prior  to this problem appearing?