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Error trying to restore

I am trying to restore a single file from BE3600 disk (55KB) .  After running from a while it gives error E00084EC. Restore to another location still doesn't help.   Does this indicate a bad 3600 Appliance.  (Only 20% of space is used).

Next attempted top restore from Tape (VM w/GRT).  Ran for 3 hours and ran out of space to restore.  Does this mean the BE needs to restore an entire VM (750GB) to recover a single 55K file ???


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Hi,   If using GRT then it



If using GRT then it would stage the entire VM to disk first before restoring a file...check the Admin Guide to see where to change the temporary staging location (default should be C:\Temp).


Checked that out.  The

Checked that out.  The C:\Temp is the default, but since Symantec only provides a 73G drive (and it has the OS already installed), it virtually useless for this.  I was able to use the D:\Temp and get it to reinstall fromTape.  So, immediate issue is over.

However, the restore from disk is still a problem.  I keep getting  E00084EC anytime I try to restore anything from the applicance.

Did you ever figure out the

Did you ever figure out the disk restore issue?


I have run into the same two issues, I am changing C:\temp to D:\temp now - thanks for the assist on that one.


Still having the Final error: 0xe000848c - Unable to attach to a resource when restoring from dedupe disk though.