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Exchangee 2013 SP1 Backup with EXEC 2014 Appliance error.

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Hi There, I've issue in Backup Exchange with EXEC 2014 Appliance 3600 ad below detailes (sorry for long)

Exchange Version: Enterprise 2013 SP1 BN: Version 15.0 (Build 847.32)

EXEC: Appliance 3600 2014 installed on 2008 R2


We have 4 hosts clustered windows server 2012 R2. Hyper-V cluster with one CSV.

On top of that (CSV)we have:

MailBox1: OS as VHD 2 LUNs Directly Attached to SAN 1 for (DB1+logs) , 1 for (DB2+logs)

MailBox2: OS as VHD 2 LUNs Directly Attached to SAN 1 for (DB1+logs) , 1 for (DB2+logs)



Backup Exec 2014 appliance for backing up all servers,

We have 2 backup tasks one for Hyper-V hosts (backup Vm’s), and second for backup up exchange DAG.

We are facing issue in DAG job that in the middle of task one of the mailbox servers freeze and stop responding the following:

Backup exec agent lose the connection.

But server is available on the hyper-V console with limited connection status on network icon.

However in that time server stop responding for any network traffic (RDP, Ping, ETC) for 2-3 hours then it back to live again or once we do manual live migration for one of the hosted VM’s on the same host as the failed mailbox server it comes a live instantly.

In that time server goes down (Mailbox2) some errors in event viewer.

Mailbox-02 errors with screenshots are uploaded here


 Alos i'm opening ticket with Microsoft regarding that issue. but urgent for me so i came here :) 

Also Symantec EXEC job status fail with the attached log.

Exchange DAG backup failed job report. here :

Thanks in advance


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Looking at the time stamps, I would say MBX01 loses communication with the cluster and in turn, causes the backup job to fail with a communication error.

Seems more of an issue outside of BE, however best to log a formal support case so that one of our TSEs can have a quick look @ your setup as well.

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Thanks for your updates, 

FYI, Server never lose connection in cluster except during backup job running, also it's not recent issue it's from 1 month back and almost i''ve tested everything, that's why i came here.

Aslo there is no such as errors or logs notcing there is an issue in cluster.

How i can connect to support for having alook if posible.


Alos adding some notes:

We have created Windows NIC Team for 2 physical NICs and map this NICs to Hyper-V Virtual switch.


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I think this is to complicated to solve by forum means. Please contact support. You can contact them om after creating a account.

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Thankd for your updates, 

i'll open a ticket with the vender to check it out. 

thanks, have a nice day.!

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Hi, I have the same issue on Exchange 2010SP3 on Windows 2008R2. With BE2012 never had any problem backing up Exchenge DAG.

Any comment from support?

Thank you very much.

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Hi, have you opened support ticket? If yes, any news?

Thank you for your reply.