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Failed Backups taking up space

Level 2

We had a failed backup that was about 3TB. The backup is not listed in the "Backup Sets" because, I guess, it didn't finish so it doesn't show up there. But the Job history shows the job as a failed job. It is clear the space is being taken up on the drive but I cannot see it to delete it. What do I do?


Employee Accredited Certified

Open the job Log, note the names of Media used.

Open registry and enable ShowHiddenMedia (ref -

Re-Launch the BE console and then look in dedupe folder details, you would see a Media Tab. Check in details of the media that was used for backup and checkjif you can see the backup set.

If you are unable to view the backup sets, try a catalog of those Media which were used for the backup and then if the backup set is visible expire it.

If above 2 do not work, then open a case with Support. There might be some manual work required.