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How to figure the best backup to the solution


first of all, I am so much new to this site also this brilliant technology.

I will have lots and lots of questions I need your help with.

The matter of fact I have a client need backup to his Exchange, AD and other Files. 

My question is how to figure the best solution for the client, when I have to apply one time backup or normal backup to disk or deduplication, how I can figure the optimum solutions.


Thank you

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Hi Mghannaj, If you are

Hi Mghannaj,

If you are planning to have granular recovery for your AD (OU, users etc.), Exchange (user email, mailbox, databases) and other files..and if you have a requirement to use deduplication which will provide you faster backups and less network impact then i would suggest to use Symantec Backup Exec.

However if your applications are running on different platforms then i would suggest you use Symantec Netbackup since it support many platforms including Unix, Linux Solaris you can see this on the Netbackup Software Compatibility List.

Both solutions above will greatly address your requirements especially if you plan to use deduplication and granular level recovery.

You can look for other infos for these products on the Symantec Website..kindly see this links.

For Backup Exec:

For Netbackup:

Hope this helps..



Dear ecnivnaj   Thank you for

Dear ecnivnaj
Thank you for your quick reply.
sorry I did not mention that I am already using Backup Exec 3600.
but my question was: "When I have to use deduplication or One time back up" and what not.
Many Thanks

refer best

refer best practices

As the name suggests, One

As the name suggests, One Time Backup will create a backup job to backup the selected data only once. If you want to configure a backup job so that it runs daily/ weekly/ monthly automatically than use the normal option to backup to deduplication disk storage.

Noted on this. A one-time

Noted on this.

A one-time backup is a job that only runs once without any recurring instances. You can create a one-time backup to create a baseline for a server before you upgrade it or install new software. After Backup Exec finishes running a one-time backup, it deletes the job rather than saving it with your recurring jobs.

Deduplication can save backend storage, considering your method of deduplication whether it's server side or client side since both these methods have benefits and drawbacks.

Hope this helps.


Note that when you do a disk

Note that when you do a disk backup using the 3600 appliance you are using dedup. You should download the Admin Guide from the link below and read it