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Time sync not working (anymore....)

Hi all

we are experiencing problems with time sync between the appliance and 3 other media servers. They are all in a domain (Windows DC with PDC time sync) but the appliance always shows some "lag" like 40seconds to 1 minute against the other servers, media servers and clients on the domain.

This is something relatively new, has been working perfectly for almost 6 months, now we are experiencing this. A manual fix with restart of servies on other media servers works for a few, on first reboot of the appliance the problem comes back.


Any hint? On registry i noticed set time is on NTP which is fine for a standalone, an AD member should use NTDS.......


backupExec 2012 on 3600 appliance

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...have you opened up a

...have you opened up a support query with Symantec over this?