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Upgrading Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4


Attempting to upgrade a Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4. Starting the upgrade with Upgrade-Appliance in a remote powershell window. After a few seconds the workstation log me out and nothing seems to happen. Trying to start he upgrade again only result in the same behavoir. Cant se any info in the powershell windows that the upgrade process is starting.

Hotfix 230290 is applied.

Please help


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Re: Upgrading Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4

Have you tried to restart the appliance, and then perform the upgrade again?


Re: Upgrading Backup Appliance 3600 R3 to R4

The Backup Exec 3600 Appliance delivers complete data and application protection for both virtual and physical server resources, including optimized support for the latest VMware and Hyper-V platforms. For VMware environments, the Backup Exec™ 3600 Appliance includes deep integration with the VMware vStorage API, ensuring VMware virtual machines are protected using the latest technology available.


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