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WebUI issue with BE3600

Hi, I did a Liveupdate yesterday and it did 100 Windows updates and BEX SP2 and Hotfix 227745.  Now when I log into the WebUI, the manage tab fails and many of the settings tabs have empty data.  It's a server 2008 R2 OS.  I am in process of upgrading to the Backup Exec 2015 and doing some pre-req things.  thx in advance for any assistance.

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Re: WebUI issue with BE3600

Have you tried to restart the appliance? Any specific errors showing?


Re: WebUI issue with BE3600

Restarted many times, no specific error.  it started right after the Hotfix 227745.   I have a ticket open and I am waiting for their call back.  The backup system works fine, just the WebUI is broke.  I am in the process of upgrading form Backup Exec 2014 R3 to R4.  Also having an issue everytime I download the ISO, it fails the verification checker. Not having a good week.





Re: WebUI issue with BE3600

Any update since logging call with Veritas?


I was told that the only way

I was told that the only way to get back the WebUI was to reset the whole device back to factory. I chose not to do that, but now I am having another issue.  An antivirus agent accidentally installed on my 3600 appliance and it quarantined a .bin file from the Dedupe/Data folder and now my whole dedupe drive is offline and I am trying to figure out what to do.  It says that Symantec has a tool to rebuild the missing .bin file. thx