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Which NAS Device to connect to a

I'm looking at upgrading our backup software. I'm interested in the following device, a Backup Exec 3600 Appliance and install this at the main site - SITE A. The problem is that I would replicate the data stored on that device to another connected site - SITE B. I dont have the budget to purchase two devices, but what I will have at the target site is a copy of Backup Exec and a Enterprise Server Option installed on a local domain controller + deduplication module. I want to purchase a NAS drive to replicate the backup stored on the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance.

Thus if I was ever to suffer a catastrophic disaster at the main site, all I do is wait for new servers to arrive and to rebuild the servers using the replicated backup with the help of the backup exec and enterprise server installed. I cant afford an enterprise solution, the QNAPP devices appeal to me and my budget for a NAS drive is less than £1000 which includes 3x3TB Disk in a Raid 5 array. 

Can anyone recommend a good nas drive to backup the data, looking at the QNAP devices, and looking at deduplication, is the following supported?

Many thanks for looking at this.




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Hi,   You need to look at the



You need to look at the BE 2012 HCL on the link below. Check the section for the 3600 Appliance and you will find a pointer to which devices are supported further on in the HCL.

BE 2012 HCL

BE 2010



Thank you for your comments,

Thank you for your comments, but I have already explored those links and not really helpful. For example, i look at the HCL and note that the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Pro is listed, however when you go onto the NETGEAR ReadyNAS support forums, users have no end of problems with getting these devices to work with Symantec Backup Exec. Back to the drawing board.

I'm sure the enterprise devices work, but we are a small business with a couple of remote sites, and I'm trying to be cost effective. The QNAPP devices seem ideal, but they dont have a dedicated forum with people using the devices in conjunction with BEDedup.

Decisions, decisions....

  Hi Espartan   My apologies


Hi Espartan


My apologies in advance for not answering you question directly. The following is just a tip, based on my own experience.


I assume that as you have a BE Appliance in one site and a BE2012 Media Server at the other you will be making use of the Optimised Duplication feature in Backup Exec to replicate deuped data between sites. If so then my personal recommendation is to directly attach storage to the BE Media Server. Otherwise you may find unless you are replicating only tiny amounts of data, the network connection between the BE 2012 Media Server and the NAS device will be a bottle neck.