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backup exec 3600 appliance upgrade to 2014


in my environment i have two backup exec 3600 R2 appliances. one is CASO and other is MMS. i want to upgrade it to backup exec 2014 R3. i need your suggestion which appliance i go to upgrade first CASO or MMS?



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Hi,   Symantec Best Practice



Symantec Best Practice is always to update the CASO first, be it patch level, service pack or upgrade to a new version.

Do the CASO, patch with BE 2014 SP1 and any subsequent patches, and then upgrade the MMS and do the same.


Hi, i am following its


i am following its artical for upgrade


but unable to find the "upgrade-appliance" cmdlet on shell.

FYR i attached the screenshort


HI, awaiting your response

...looks like you forgot a

...looks like you forgot a step in the Upgrade-Appliance section as per that TN...

Upgrade-Appliance -NetworkSharedPath <-- ie Domain\ApplianceName


Check the image that is included in the TN which shows what it should look like.


Is Appliance Hotfix

Is Appliance Hotfix TECH215884 applied ?

when i go to type

when i go to type upgrade-Appliance see the attached file for you reference

...have you checked the TN?

...have you checked the TN? It references a share name which isn't showing in your command...


i have directly attached a

i have directly attached a USB with appliance. i follow the first method attached usb flash drive not network shared.

Is the previously mentioned

Is the previously mentioned HF installed ? If yes, would recommend to log a formal support case.

Hi VJware, backup exec

Hi VJware,

backup exec appliance 3600 R2 version is 3.0.422.0 but i m unable to get the command "Upgrade-Appliance".

if you know the other way to download the HF rather then complete live update then guide me how i seprately download that HF. seems to be an offline seems to be an offline installation and you need to get hold of Symantec support. See below:



LiveUpdate is the preferred

LiveUpdate is the preferred way to install the hotfix.  If LiveUpdate fails to install the HF, then follow this LB -

The hotfix is needed for the

The hotfix is needed for the appliance to know the command "upgrade-appliance"

if you are unable to get the HF I would open a case at symantec.


some considerations to take in count:

use the remote powershell not from windows 8 or windows2012, this powershell version is to recent for the appliance.

the following command needs also some special attention:

enter-pssession -computername <MUST be the FQDN> (ip-address will not work) -credentials <must be the 'appliance administrator'> (backupexec service account or domain admin will not work) -configuration appliance

if you launch this command from a supported powershell version and the HF is installed and you run the upgrade with the installation on local disk or USB it should work.

hi no success yet pl. view


no success yet pl. view the screen short and advice.

hi, I think in caso and mms


I think in caso and mms environment u have to first break communication between the two.

Or if the storage is shared between the two.

Take caso first. Follow the tech artical never have to break never have to break the link between the CASO and MMS. Upgrade the CASO first, then the MMS.


from the screenshot i just

from the screenshot i just see an ip address, you need to provide ip address\share.

And, you must always at least disable communication to MBES on the CAS or at best stop the services on the MBES before any upgrade,update or patch!

hi from thw windows power


from thw windows power shell of remote computer i am login to appliance CASO via local administrator, once connected i type the command upgrade-appliance "usb/network" both options i tried, then given them domain user login and next local administrator login  the last shared screenshort show you the authentication error .

yesterday activity:

now i first login as a domin user via windows powershell, type upgrade=appliance -networksharedpath \\ip\s, provide domain user again provide domain user this time error change memory size power shell issue. i check the properties of powershell  same setting as mentioned in TN. for your reference i attached the screenshort.



good news guys one appliance

good news guys one appliance "CASO" successfully upgraded, but facing issue on appliance "MMS" upgrade failed. FYR screen short is attached.


awaiting your kind response.