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Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

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Resolved! Ms Server 2008 Std Edition Backup Execptions

Dear All,    I have the following server that constantly backup job completed with exceptions .. Spec : Windows 2008 64bit Std Ed  RAM : 16GB  Role : SQL Server (2008)    when full backup i will get this wierd error  Click an exception below to locat...

Resolved! looking for backup exec 3600 Appliance dedublication end user technical completion document.

Hi We alredy installed Backup Exec 3600 Applicane with dedublication at customer place., After Installing ,configuring and implimentation applicane and  all backup and restore job, we need to submit technical document for sign. i just need that templ...

aslam_m by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to convert full backup to vm

Dear All,    when I tried to perform full backup and then convert it into a VM i am stuck with this setting here ...    FULL PATH OF HYPER-V Integration Components ISO image : [BROWSE] what is that ? where can i locate it ?    please help :)    since...

Backup Exec 2012 Failed to Install Remote Agent

Dear All,    Following is my setup    Sysmentact BackExec 3600E Appliance.  Windows 2008 Storage Server Ed 64bit 16GB RAM.  When I tried to install a remote agent onto another win2k3 sp2 server, the agent installation keep failed with the following m...

Resolved! Unable to connect Liveupdate server

i Install New Backup exe 2012 Server. with Friesh Windows 2008 r2. no proxoy in my inveronment. After installing BAckup Exec 2012 Server. i am trying since 2 days for symantecliveupdate for this bakcup 2012 , but i am unable to connect.. allwase sayi...

aslam_m by Level 3
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Resolved! SP2 on R3600 R2?

Has the service pack been released for the R3600 R2 yet?  I really need to get my vSphere 5.1 environment backed up properly so the sooner I can apply this the better.  The appliance currently says no updates are available, so I'm not sure if I have ...

Resolved! Backup Exec 3600 Duplicate backup set

Hi, I have two backup exec 3600 appliances. One is Central Administration Server and another is managed backup exec server. On CASO i can see deduplication storage on managed server. So i can see two dedupe storage. On CASO i can create backup job an...

michadar55 by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup Exec 2012 v Ray Edition

One Custmer useing 3  Vmware Host  and Gust os are windows  Guest os  :- 2 Sql 2008r2 servers ,2 oracle and 18 vm (guest os)   which agent required for this Senario      

support59 by Level 3
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Resolved! Remote Backup

Hello, We currently have two BE 3600 r2 appliances. Both are backing up all our servers.  For critical servers Full backups weekly then daily incremental    Rest Full backup bi-weekly then daily incremental   We also have a another location, which is...

Resolved! Dedupe performance

A few question on dedupe: 1) What is the client requirement to use client-side dedupe? e.g. can a client w/ 2GB RAM do client-side dedupe? Do I need to set anything on the Remote Agent on the client? 2) I ran the same full backup to dedupe storage jo...

Resolved! Replacement Hard Disk - Customs Duty

Hi, We've received an invoice for customs duty and VAT in relation to a replacement hard disk sent by Symantec. The hard disk was sent from Norway and has incurred £50 worth of charges which we're being invoiced for. Have any other users experienced ...

Resolved! BAckupExec Appliance 3600

Hello, We recently purchased 2 Backupexec appliances. I was planning to run one locally. Once it was setup and backuping up properly, I was going backup that one to the second and then ship to our secondary location, and then backup to it remotely.  ...

Resolved! Can 3600 Appliance create a virtual machine?

How does Symantec compare to Unitrends in regards to restores to virtual machines. By that I mean, in the event of a fallover, I have heard that Unitrends can automatically spin up a virtual machine whereas Backup Exec 3600 cannot do this. Unitrends ...