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Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

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BackupExec Appliance 3600R2 with CASO

The existing environment now that i have a BackupExec Server attached to the fiber tape library and i purchased Backup Exec appliance and CASO for the Physical server to enable the Physical server to manage the appliance and delegates jobs to it. I g...

amr_tarek by Level 3
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Backup Exec Appliance Restore Problem

I have a new job and now I have to monitor a backup exec appliance.  My new boss just asked me to run a test restore.  The last backup exec system I used (not an appliance), I click on restore and picked the file I want to restore.  The problem is t...

snoski3 by Level 2
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Resolved! Backup Exec appliance

Hii,   I am using BE appliance 3600 R2 and BE2012 in it. Can I expand my dedup storage by adding extra shelf. If yes how can i connect another storage. Note: Except USB connected external drive.  

Sid_help by Level 4
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AD SDR Gives login error

Hi, In our customer place they are using Backup exec appliance 2012 There is Full system backup is configured with SDR for active directory Active directory crashed. and we tried to restore the entire system using SDR we gave domain credetials an...

Changes to the Backup Exec Appliance Product Line

Symantec has announced some recent milestones and important updates about the Backup Exec product line going forward, and we just wanted to make sure that our Backup Exec customers and partners are informed. Please check out the blog for additional i...

EliasA by Community Manager
Employee CPEP
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Hi, I want to upgrade my appliance

Hi, I want to upgrade my appliance 3600 with backup exec 2012 to backup exec 2014 but i have a problem when i create my flash memory with the ISO downloaded on All is normally bay when i use the powershell and connec...

Resolved! Appliance 3600

I have an appliance 3600 with windows storage server 2008 R2, my customer wants to upgrade windows server 2012 with backup exec 2014. what i need? What i have to do?

Resolved! Cleaning Tape and Barcode problem

Hi all, Backup Exec 2012 (Appliance 3600) has shown me error "the cleaning media CLNU00L1 has expired" when I tried to clean my drive. I oldered nww cleaning tape and got one but it has the same barcode as the old one. So when I replaced the new one...

backup exec 3600 appliance upgrade to 2014

hi in my environment i have two backup exec 3600 R2 appliances. one is CASO and other is MMS. i want to upgrade it to backup exec 2014 R3. i need your suggestion which appliance i go to upgrade first CASO or MMS?   regards,

mnakhan by Level 5
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Backup Exec appliance 3600 server Lockup/Freeze

 Hello,       I am having an issue with backup exec for a while and no one has been able to help me yet with it.  Our media server keep locking 3-4times a week, when that does occurs:   - Can't remote in using the remote application shortcut ...

Resolved! Backup exec appliance

Kindly advise us , our customer  will implement  Hyper-v High Availability so he will need Storage for this ,in the other hand he will use Backup Exec as Backup Solution .   We asked if he  can replace the original Storage (HP  storage ) with Syman...

pgdi by Level 2
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Resolved! Agent on Debian VM (VCenter)

Hi, I am trying to take the backup of Vcenter which has many Debian VM machines.  I am wondering if someone is taking backup of Debian 6.0.10 Linux server.local.lan 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Tue May 13 16:34:35 UTC 2014 x86_64 GNU/Linux via symantec ba...

Resolved! upgrade backupexec appliance 3600.R2 to backupexec2014

Hy all, I'm trying to upgrade the appliance of one of my customers. I'm following this TN: and i'm allready stuck in the prerequisites. ...

jurgen_barbieur by Level 6
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Resolved! 3600 Upgrade - Backups lost?

Hey, Sorry if this has been posted or is written somewhere but i need to know for sure. On the 3600 appliance, the upgrade from 2012 to 2014. Will you lose the backups stored on the appliance, and will you still be able to access the 2012 backups a...

tech001 by Level 3
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Resolved! BackupExec 3600 Appliance upgrade problem

I'm facing a situation in which I want to update my BE Appliance R2 to BE Appliance R3 but to do so I need to install first an update "TECH215884" using the Web UI, unfortunatelly due to security policy in my company my Appliance cannot be connected ...

Resolved! Upgrade Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Hello everyone,   I need an information how to upgrade Backup Exec Appliance. Right now my backup exec appliance is running well, all the job was function very good. I need to upgrade my appliance running backup exec 2014.   Many thanks for the i...

dicky_23 by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup Exec 3600 Appliance share option on MMS is disabled

hi,   the "share" option when selecting the MMS dedupe storage location under the storage tab is disable. i have total protection license.   environment: Appliance 3600 CASO. Appliance 3600 MMS.   on CASO both storages are visible but when i ...

mnakhan by Level 5
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Appliance 3600 Upgrade to Backup Exec 2014

Hello, i been waiting on the appliance upgrade for a while now, we have to migrate all servers to windows server 2012 R2. But without upgrading the appliance first we wont be able to backup our production servers. I been reading on the forums that it...