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delete expired backup sets on the Backup Exec 14.1 not working

Hi All,

currently do we have an disk space issue on the Backup Exec 3600 R3 appliance. I tried to delete the expired backup sets, but it dont work.

I try the crcontrol tool to manual fix, but it also not working.

Currently the Backup Exec 14.1 Rev 1786.1103 are running, the reg key also set for delete expired backup.

What I can see are a lot of errors on the spoold.log, maybe thats reason but not sure how I can fix it.

June 11 19:59:50 INFO [0000000000E29650]: 25022: NetCheckIPRange: invalid NULL or empty parameter







C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec>crcontrol --dsstat


************ Data Store statistics ************

Data storage      Raw    Size   Used   Avail  Use%

                   5.5T   5.2T   5.2T  36.1G 100%


Number of containers             : 22325

Average container size           : 246790080 bytes (235.36MB)

Space allocated for containers   : 5509588545205 bytes (5.01TB)

Space used within containers     : 5497511243978 bytes (5.00TB)

Space available within containers: 12077301227 bytes (11.25GB)

Space needs compaction           : 33998549395 bytes (31.66GB)

Reserved space                   : 244777897984 bytes (227.97GB)

Reserved space percentage        : 4.1%

Records marked for compaction    : 1892575

Active records                   : 73295389

Total records                    : 75187964


4 Replies the appliance fully the appliance fully patched? If not, see what patches are outstanding and install them.


yes, no patches are

yes, no patches are outstanding. the last BE1786.1103R227745_x64bit are installed.


...then there might be

...then there might be something wrong with the dedupe folder. Consider logging a call with Symantec around this.


I already open a ticket

I already open a ticket 08942434 about, I was 2 hours in the call queue but nobody are like me help