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exchange incremental catalogs job failed

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Error Code :- 

V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation. The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: '-515 The timestamp in the next log does not match the expected timestamp. '



I have weekly backup scheduled for exchange DAG , every week job is completed with successful but only cataloging is getting failed. I had tried following steps


  •  Create new backup policy.
  • Ran grt and non grt backup.
  • Restart agent services.
  • Create new backup policy.
  • It is backup exec appliance using default antivirus software.
  • Already checked following link but still issue is the same. 


any suggestion !!




Level 6

Hi neon.p,

What version of Exchange is this?  Make sure Backup Exec is fully patched along with the Remote agents on the remote servers.

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Do you have any other backup running in between the full and incremental ? Such as native Exchange backup or backup by another application ?

Is circular logging disabled for all DBs ?