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Backup Exec 2015 Cloud Backup

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Good Day, I am using Backup Exec 2015 and would like to implement backups to the cloud. I would some suggestions as to the best solution. I was thinking about using Backup Exec cloud connector for Microsoft Azure. I wanted to know what is the best and difference between Azure Storage and Azure Backup as a Service. Is there any other preferable solutions for this process? Thanks in advance!!!


Level 3

Symantec had a New Year surprise for its Backup Exec.Cloud users! As we were getting back to work from our Christmas vacation, the security-specialized company announced it would be discontinuing the product on January 6, 2015. What a great way to start the year!

Symantec’s move will leave hundreds, if not thousands of SMBs without a cloud backup service. Even worse, is that if these organizations do not transition their data to a new provider before the January 6 deadline, they could lose critical historical backups. So what can these organizations do now? Before answering this questions let’s first, take a look at Symantec’s Backup Exec.Cloud solution and why the company decided to move away from it.

Introduced in January 2012, Exec.Cloud was designed with SMBs in mind. Two years after its release, Symantec’s realized that two features that they felt critical to its success were missing: content-sharing features and mobile capabilities. Today, in a world where the work environment has evolved into a mobile mindset, these features are in fact now key differentiators when customers evaluate products.

Rather than investing in the development of those features, Symantec felt it was a smarter move to focus on its other backup product rather than fix Exec.Cloud. This decision wasn’t without repercussion for SMBs who signed up for Symantec’s BE.Cloud.

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