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Windows 8 System Restore breaks encryption key/connection with client.

Hello all,

I've had to do a quick Windows 8 System Restore and it seems to have broken the BE .cloud encryption passphrase/connection with client (have a red x on - client encryption key passphrase is no longer valid etc.). Is there any way to create or force a new passphrase creation or client sync? I don't want to have to uninstall/reinstall, create a new profile and then wait a week or more for the client backup data to be full protected. 

If not, is there a way I can guard against this in the future (i.e. stop the Symantec services, boot into safe mode before I do the MS SR, etc.)?

*I've attached a screenshot of the error.

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Hello In this instance you


In this instance you can try removing the Backup Service and then add it back in, this can resync the passphrase while still keeping the data you have backed up already to the cloud.

If that doesn't resolve the pashrase issue, please contact support so that we can try resync from our backend.


Igor S

I don't know what version of

I don't know what version of BE is using, but so far, there is no version of BE that supports Windows 8.  If you see the latest SCL (below) for BE 2012, you can see that Windows 8 is not supported.

BE 2012 SCL

Hello PKH You can trial it

Hello PKH

You can trial it using the link below.

BackupExec.Cloud does support  Windows 8.  BackupExec.Cloud  is a subscription base that is billed on the cloud storage used.  Als its seprate product that does not require Backup Exec software.


Igor S