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I often get an error with different tasks. Sometimes no task can be completed. Neither with the help of an agent, nor as a virtual machine.
 Final error: 0xe0000f16 - The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.
This began to appear after the upgrade from version 20.3 to 20.4.
I contacted technical support several times, but each time the engineer said that everything was in order. The problem persists and the tasks are not completed. I do not have working backups. As a temporary solution, restarting application services helps me for a couple of days.

For an unexplained reason, the application believes that the store is unavailable. Although it is online all the time

Who else faced such a problem? How did you solve it?

My case numbers are 190624-001741 and 190524-000313 was closed without solving the problem.


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Check your adamm.log. There I found my errors description 

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What type of backup storage are you using? 

There are quite a number of Veritas TN's/articles about this error - all seem to be related to tape:

There are also a bunch of VOX posts about the same error under 'Related discussions' on the right. 
Have you tried to go through those to see if anything helps? 

IMHO - investigation needs to be done at the time of error - most of the time it is difficult to try and figure out what was wrong 'last night' when everything is working fine today. Unless the system or application logs have info that can assist to pinpoint the cause. 

Hey what are you saying? I specifically waited for the engineer to connect when the problem persisted. And he absolutely could not solve anything. He just restarted the services and flushed off, saying that everything was working. This is not a **bleep** decision. I need to solve the problem, since it is systemic.

Check your adamm.log. There I found my errors description