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0xe000849e - Restore Error "Sparse Format"

Final error: 0xe000849e - A directory or file could not be restored because the content of its SMS data is in a "Sparse Format", and this format is not compatible with the file system on the restore target.

Original data backup up from Novel Netware box, attempting to restore file to Windows 2003 Server.

Have reinstalled NICI to latest version but no further ideas.
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Re: 0xe000849e - Restore Error "Sparse Format"

Is there a reason why you are restoring to a windows server? Why not restore back to NetWare? You will always see problems restoring NetWare data to windows because of the file attributes, compression etc.

Re: 0xe000849e - Restore Error "Sparse Format"


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Re: 0xe000849e - Restore Error "Sparse Format"

Hello, my Novell server crashed, restoring to the Windows 2003 server that has backup exec, all files restore with no problem.  Just one has the sms Sparse format error.


Did you find a fix for this?