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0xe00084cd - The data being read from the media is inconsistent

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I don't think this is a hardware problem, but rather a problem with the software. It seems to start happening once I make changes to a selection list and it *always* fails the verify at the same exact spot each time. I already don't verify my daily (single tape) incremental backups because of this. Now this error is starting to affect my weekly backups and that's not good! This error shows up in the APPLICATION event viewer:

Adamm Mover Error: Read Retry!
Drive = "SONY 1"
Media = "AFF629"
Read Mode: SingleBlock(0), ScsiPass(0)
Write Mode: SingleBlock(1), ScsiPass(1)

I have searched high and low for answers to no avail.

Qualstar 4222 Library
2 x Sony AIT4 Tape Drives (firmware 0103)
Backup Exec 10 5520 sp1

I have run weekly backups for a LONG time with no problem, backing up 1TB with verify. The only thing that changed was a selection list.

How do I further troubleshoot this?


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From the hardware compatibility list given below ,please check if your device is tested. If it is tested then install the latest Veritas drivers.

Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 10d (10.1) for Windows Servers General Information

Also in the system event log check for event id 7,9 ,11 15.

Let us know the update.

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Error 15 - yes.

So do I need to disable the removable storage service?

Level 6

Yes, please disable the "Removable Storage Service" .

Also please refer to the following document:

How to troubleshoot event ID 9, event ID 11, and event ID 15 error messages

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