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0xe000e006 when doing inventory on Azure cloud storage (backup Exec 16.0 and 20.1)

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Every few months, I do a test restore by setting up Backup Exec 16.0 + hotfixes (and later, 20.1) on a clean Windows 2016 machine, setting up cloud storage as per the instructions and running an inventory.

This time, the inventory fails after 44 minutes with 

Final error: 0xe000e006 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred. If the storage is tape based

and the job log shows a single file cannot be read

OST00000090-4E0D3A43984F1E4E OST00000090-4E0D3A43984F1E4E 0xe000e006 Cloud storage

It is really troubling that I would not be able to do an inventory followed by catalogue and restore of data in event of disaster