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0xe000e041 - Validation failed because of invalid encryption settings

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I have an incremental backup running which is 2.02TB in size. Once it completes, I did have a job to start the verification right after, however doing it this way made the verification run for too long, that the scheduled backup for the next day was missed. Running a separate verification job should help reduce the time it takes to complete right?

I have made sure all the duplicate backups have the same encryption key set

I've read a historic post:

Is this a bug in the version I have and is there a hotfix?


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BE 21 is quite a bug free release and really good. That post is from BE 2012 which is quite an old release and irrelevant to your scenario.
The Incremental first of all seems really large. What resource is it ? How large is the full job ? Where does this backup reside ? tape or disk ?
The verify in the job or scheduled as a seperate job would not make a difference in the time it takes to verify the set. The scheduling of the verify is just to make good use of the tape drive to get the backups done in off production hours and let the verifies run next day or in production hours so that the drive is completely used for backup during off production hours.
In the above case you will need to check if the Incremental is really this size ? If backup is going to disk then can this job be split and verifies run in parallel so that overral time can be brought down. 
Also take a look at the job. Check how encyption and compression are used. These are points to keep in mind when using them together -> 
Use software compression with encryption if the data must be compressed.
Avoid using hardware compression with software encryption.

Thank you for the information Gurvinder

The backup is for a machine which hosts 9 VMs one being a file server

I am thinking to split the jobs which take longer and are the most size and back them up individually or create another backup cluster.

Can I do that?

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yes, you can split the selections into multiple jobs and run a few in parallel.
Install BE on one other server and backup some VM on it.