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10 reasons for downgrading BE 2012 to BE 2010R3

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  • Idea to switch from Job orientation to Server orientation was big mistake of Symantec. BE's users are not iPad, Xbox or single PC/MAC users – Symantec BE exclusively using enterprise/corporate users; IT people which handle from few to few hundreds servers and adequate number of backup/restore jobs. Invert logic you can recognize only at end of installation – it was my mistake by the way because I miss to read users review prior then start installation of first BE 2012.  


  • Implementing job's & task's logic from previous version(s) (2010R, 12.5 and 11D in my case) is nightmare – nothing fitted. If you insist on installation of BE 2012 there is NO migration, you need complete new project.


  • Preview of successful & unsuccessful backup/restore job's for different servers requests so many clicks and switching between many screens. You have to use paper & pencil at end…


  • Scheduled jobs (Calendar) start or refuse start with some "own" schedule but always unpredictable.


  • Handling of some Alerts and respective action ("Media Remove" for example) is possible only via registry.


  • Automated process at end of backup task (simple ejecting tape for example) cannot work even ejecting via BE 2012 storage menu works fine and without problem (?!). Same automated process and same tape device works perfect with BE 2010R3 installation.


  • Old Tools menu – granular & very useful tool in version 2010 disappears in version 2012 and now operator MUST use Iconic & Cryptic menu "simulation". I have opinion Developer(s) of BE 2012 come from Apple iPad team…


  • Remote connection via Agent (Simple Agent, file access only) was always delayed (approximately minute) before connection with targeted remote server was established.


  • I have opinion there is some interaction between SAP database engine (MaxDB) and BE's SQL implementation because with old BE version (12.5) and same SAP installation on same server we haven’t problem which we have now – unpredictable server's restart.


  • BE 2010R3 (predecessor of BE 2012) now work very stabile and secure with different application (SAP, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2010, AD (2003/2008), different implementation of WEB servers, etc, etc. Handling is full logic & intuitive, there is no "surprise, surprise", all segments of Backup Appliance (backup software, tape devices, controllers, OS) works full harmonized.   



At end of this story, short information about me & my working environment:

I am 62 old IT with more then 30 years experience in different IT areas. After 10 years of Symantec's products usage (BE/Veritas and all Symantec Enterprise/Corporate AV version) I am (probably?) enough experienced with Symantec products. During last 10 years, 15 to 20 our servers (physical servers, not virtual) were always protected with typically 12 different backup jobs on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Of course, during time we always change/actualize current versions. Like result, we have now in archive more then thousand tapes. By the way, in Switzerland exists rules related with "…native proof of reconstructed/restored business data…" and fact is: there is NO compatibility between different backup software vendors. It means, divorcing from Symantec will be probably painful but on another hand, escaping from trap is priceless.  All our servers are HP Gen 6 and Gen 7, tape devices are model 3840 (3TB), tape device's drivers are BE 2012 (not Win or HP) and all hot fix and SP's related with BE 2012 version (and Win2K8 as well) is already implemented. Before I try first implementation of BE 2012 (approximately month ago) we had mixed BE environment (11D, 12.5 and 2010R3) which works fine. Also, before I install BE 2012 media server, installation's environment was carefully checked and adapted on to all Symantec BE 2012's requests. Why we decide this time for BE 2012? That was combination of new investment cycles (for next 3 years) and request to harmonize backup platform & processes. And of course I expect at last, something better then BE 2010. Well…now I am deep in process of reinforcing BE 2010R3 platform (downgrading ALL licenses, complete reinstallations, re-cataloging (…huuuh…), etc. All our media servers and respective Agents will be unified with this platform now. Dear reader(s) thanks for your attention – I hope this information will help you to make your optimal decision.  Good luck anyway…


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I too have been 30 years in the IT field and have administered Backup Exec versions 11 thru 2012 and I would concur with the conclusions reached by enox. BE2012 has many problems and Symantec support has been unable to fix at 4 different serious issues I have encountered. If I could go back I would never have "upgraded" to 2012.