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11d RALUS agent crashes Linux server when configuring backup job

Level 3

I've upgraded my win2k3 backup server from 10d to 11d.

I've removed our 9.x legacy agents from our Linux servers and installed the 11d RALUS agents. So far so good.

I started creating a new backup job to backup the Linux servers. I started by selecting all our Oracle DBs and setting up inclusions/exclusions. No worries.

I then selected our JD Edwards application servers and entered their inclusions/exclusions. The management interface hung while I was selecting the 3rd of out 4 JDE servers. I then got alerts saying that 1 of the JDE enterprise servers crashed and was not responding, and the other two JDE servers crashed and rebooted on their own.

None of the other non JDE servers that I selected in the job had any issues.

Has anyone had any experience with using the RALUS agent to backup JDE application servers? I've found nothing in the KB regarding JDE or Linux servers crashing simply by making selections in the backup GUI.

All thoughts and ideas are welcome. Thanks.


Level 6

You may refer to the following compatibility list

Symantec Backup Exec 11d (11.0) for Windows Servers - Software Compatibility List (SCL)