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2 Servers rebooting with error E0008821

Level 4
I have 2 servers rebooting during Backup jobs, and getting the E0008821 error. We get no real information from dump logs or event logs, and we have had support involved and still nothing.

Here is what we have. These are both singal purpose servers because of these problems. I also have 2 other servers working just fine one is a dl380 and the other is an old Proliant.

2 HP Servers DL 380 and DL 320


Windows 2003 Server SP2, BE 12.5 SP3, Rev 2213


Windows 2003 Server SP3, BE12 SP 3, Rev 1364

Did the DCOM changes and still nothing. Have had mother board swapped on the 380, SCSI controller swap as well.

This is causing major issues in our backups and I have been looking through stuff and found nothing that seems to help. Just looking for and other help or ideas.

Level 4
I have also applied all the latest Hotfixes via live update. So BE 12 is actually SP4

Level 4
I have tried re-applying the SP to the OS, no help. I found another DCOM item I haven't tried so I am trying it. So far the server has backed up twice what is was before crashing. I will post if this fixes my problem.

On the Backup Exec Server 

 1  : Click on Start-->run and type in dcomcnfg and clock on OK...

2  : Expand "Component Services" and Expand "Computers"

3  : Right Click on My computer and go to Properties

4  : Go to "COM Security"

5  : Click on "Edit Defaults" under Access Permissions and ADD the Backup Exec Service Account and give it

      FULL access.

Level 4

This didn't fix the problem. Back to square one.