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Is is always the

Is is always the same Storrage Groups and if yes is there something unique about the configuration of those mailboxes compared with the ones that work

(DB paths, transaction logs paths, DAG configs etc)




Yes it is the same storage

Yes it is the same storage groups all the time


I have tried to backup with OFO / Snapshot fully disabled, same error.


I have used DiskShadow to kill all open / orphaned shadow copies.


Still get the same error.



Lee: and your writers are all

Lee: and your writers are all stable and running after the backup? Normally the way to fix this is to restart the Exchange server, but I have seen some extreme ways to fix problems like this including creating a new Information Store and moving the mailboxes to that...



What do you mean "and your

What do you mean "and your writers are all stable and running after the backup?"

I presume so as it will then backup the next storage group without problem.

As this is just 2 storage groups a restart of exchange service / server isn't really a solution is it?

Highlighted the writers are the writers are stable before the problem IS's, and then after. Thanks for adding that in. Nope, server restarts aren't always a solution, but it is a step in troubleshooting...mentioned in official documentation, and at no stage was I recommending that you continue doing so either.



Okay cool. Rebooting Exchange

Okay cool.

Rebooting Exchange is a pain! (o: