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2008 Backup ; Boot folder contents not there, on certain media servers ( 12.5 )

Level 4

 i have a BE 12.5 environment.    1 Master 14 Managed MediaServers 

Here is the issue

When backing up a 2008 Server x64 SP2, there is a BOOT folder on the C:\.    When using Mediaservers 8,9, 12, it backs up the entire contents of this folder successfully. When using Mediaserver 0 and 14, it only backups up the folder structure, no data.

I cannot for the life of me, find any settings differences between the mediaservers.

For this example, we will compare,   Mediaserver 9 (which can do the job) vs Mediaserver 0 ( which cannot)

1. Both Mediaservers are backing up over  LAN - no issue
2. Both have the same settings in the job ( ran about 100 custom jobs)
3. Both are using hte same port
4. Both Backup Exec installs are at the same SP and HOTFIX level

any ideas?