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2010 Exchange VFF Open Failure this can be caused by low memory or disk

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I have this recurring issue on one of my mailbox databases on my exchange 2010 server. The back runs on my two other mailbox databases fine but when it gets to my third mailbox database it errors out with the following.

\\servername\Microsoft Information Store\Mailbox 2010 2GB
V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation for the following reason: VFF Open Failure. This c...

I looked up the error and found a possible solution. However I was required to enable logging on the excahge server.


I now have two issues.

1. Everytime I try to enable logging by placing a -debugging parameter in the stopped backup exec remote agent for windows it creates the log file but nothing ever gets populated into the log file. how do you get logging to work on the client agent?

2. How do I fix this VFF Open Failure error on my Exchange server. I don't want to implement any registry fixes unless I know for certain that will resolve the problem.


As always thank you in advance for your help.






Partner    VIP    Accredited don't mention the version of BE, but download the latest SP for your version below: (BE 2010 R3 SP3) (BE 2012 SP2)

Once done, update the remote servers via push-install and see if this fixes the issue. Symantec will have you do this if you log a call.

Report back with an update!


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You might want to push out the remote agent again to your Exchange server.

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This is a generic error and the registry changes have been known to fix certain instances of this error. If the backup still fails after the registry changes, enable debugging using this KB -

You may then log a support case for us to review the debug logs or you may post/pm the logs.

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The resgitry key in TECH180039 (quoted by the OP) should be tried, we woudl not have out in in a public technote if it was meant to be used in a controlled way.

If you log a support case for this issue it, we will not be able to involve engineering unless you have tried it.

Note: this particular registry key is actually stated as being the solution, not a workaround for something we are still investigating, as such if we do decide to provide a patch (unlikely currently) - the chances are all it will do is set the same registry key


As such if as you seem to be indicating you have not tried the registry key then plesase do so (on the media server and the exchange servers)

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Ok I just want everyone to know that coming in here is so helpful. So extreme thank you's to all who contribute.


I have done the following.

Yesterday per craigV's direction. I downloaded 2012 SP2 and installed it. ""Didn't even know about the SP2"" Thanks CraigV. I then updated client agents on each server and restarted the servers.

Coming in this morning I have the same error.

I have now implemented the registry fix on both the exchange server and the backup server.


We will see what happens tonight.



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Ok thanks to everyone who has provided input. After a straight week of backup's. My exchange server still fails on Wednesday and Thursday with the above titled error. The above suggestions did not resolve the problem. I really do appreciate everyone's help.

I love symantec products and have used them for years. After reading all the issues on the forums I guess I didn't do my due diligence on BUE 2012. There are a lot of bugs in the product UI that make things very cumbersome. Anyway I think I may call support but my last experience with them was very difficult, I'm slightly reluctant to even place the call but I don't think I have a choice at this point.


If anyone has any other suggestiosn I will be happy to listen. Thanks again your all very helpful and prompt in the forum.