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A challenge to all users/administrators of Backup Exec - Any version...

Level 5

1. Read this article (the whole thread if you're feeling adventurous):

2. Either vote it up, if you think it makes sense to change the tape eject behaviour or...

3. Post a reply to the thread explaining why you think the current behaviour of the product makes sense...

A huge amount of kudos is up for grabs to anybody who is able to present an argument, that stands up to peer review, as to why the current behavour of the product is sensible and should not be changed.


Level 6

If you are using a stand alone tape drive, you need to make sure you insert a tape to which the backup job can write i.e overwritable or appendable.I understand, that one need to be on site to put the tape back which is a pain. But I would not recommend one to adjust the media set property to make sure the current backup to complete successfuly, and In case if you have to do ,then your backup stratergy needs to be re-visited.

Level 2

forgot admin password... how to reset in version 12.1.3001.165 symantec endpoint protection

Level 2

wen click forgot your password? there have no email send to inbox

Employee Accredited Certified

A good place to start would be post in the Endpoint Protection forums and not the Backup Exec ones

Level 5

Hi RahulG,

Did you read the post I linked to? Your response suggests you either didn't read it or you read it and missed the point.

I am not saying that media set protection is the problem. Media protection is absolutely fine and works perfectly right up to the point where the logic breaks down where it handles the tape device behaviour. By all means the software media protection should warn you about media overwrites. However, when the software then leads to a situation where the tape is ejected regardless of your response to the warning; this is significantly more than what you refer to as "a pain".

This tape ejection behaviour makes Backup Exec the worst product for remote site backup systems currently available on the market.

This behaviour simply gives people yet another reason to stop using Backup Exec.



I guess you didn't read the full thread, which explains your above reply and how it misses the mark and why you have not responded any further.

So, we're still waiting for anybody who can give a valid reason why the tape is ejected automatically; when it should be up to the administrator to make this decision.