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AD Consistancy Check Fails

Level 4

We keep getting consistency check fails, in our backup of the System State for our DC Server

The link that it says to go to does not exist anymore/cannot find the article.

How to check for the consistency as I cannot seem to find the anwer, dcdiag seems to come up clean

all vss writers are ok too



Level 4

Can you post the exact error message you're getting or attach the job log so we can see what's happening?


Here is the exact message

Final error: 0xe000035b - The consistency check of the snapshot for the Microsoft Active Directory, ADAM or AD LDS transaction log has failed.  You should check for possible data corruption in the transaction log that is online.
Final error category: Resource Errors

What is the OS of the DC?
Do you see any errors in the event logs?
Did this just recently start? i.e. where the backups working fine for a while then this just started?

When was the last time the DC was rebooted? We've seen this error clear up just by rebooted the server.

I'm having this issue as well. Same exact Job Completion status as original poster, but with an Errors section showing the below.

Backup- \\\System?StateV-79-57344-41488 - Due to one or more errors in \\\System?State, this backup cannot be used for conversion to virtual machines, Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR), or a complete online restore.

I believe the original poster got this as well since he brings up system state. The issue seems transient but persistant so I am wanting to resolve the root cause of this. I have a history of the issue happening a total of 5 times with at least 5 months apart each incident. This alternates between the only two servers in our enviornment where it is majorly appearing with our app server. Just a DC and an App server for a very small mom and pop shop. These are physical machines running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. Reboots have occured since the issue has happened but no difference.