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AD and Exchange SDR to Virtual

Hi Experts,

Good day,

I have a 1 physical machine with both Active Directory and Exchange 2013 

Now we are plannig to purchase a new server, install a hypervisor and transfer the AD and Exchange 2013 

Also we are planning to purchase BE because of its SDR capabilities.

1. Is it possible to use SDR(AD and Exchange) from Physical to Virtual with  using BE 2016

Note: We did not use the hypervisor (P2V tool) because converting AD has alot of issue. 

I hope that BE is more powerful than this tool.


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Re: AD and Exchange SDR to Virtual

BE 16 can do P2V or B2V.

You can download BE 16 and try it out.

Re: AD and Exchange SDR to Virtual

Currently all server are in production and we have limitations in doing simulation. Please help me very if BE 16 can P2V or B2V Active Directory without any issue.