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AOF + ADB + GRT + SQL + Sharepoint + NTFS + System States: All synthetic d2d2t

Level 2
The features in BEWS 12 do not work.  My "enhancement request" is, therefore, that you turn your current pile of rubble in to a precision timepiece; make your current junk work.
I a single Backup Selection List that contains all data types at my site:
 Exchange 2003 Information Store(s)
 Sharepoint Services 3.0 DB's and files
 SQL2005 DB's using the SQL agent
 System States on several servers
 NTFS Volumes (not shares) on several servers
I want to use Advanced Open File, Advanced Disk Based with offhost backup, and continuous Exchange 2003 backup with GRT.
I want it scheduled as a single baseline with hourly incrementals and weekly synthetics that are duplicated to tape; all running from a policy job.
You have all of these great features and then there are all sorts of caveats on using then.  Backups don't work when mixing file types (even second tier support says don't mix file types).  Advanced Open File doesn't work on certain file types.  Offhost doesn't work on certain file types.  GRT doesn't work if you want to duplicate from disk to tape.  Synthetics only work with files and folders; and even when they do work they double the storage requirement.  Here's a quick workaround; synthetic doesn't work on databases then just have it skip the databases instead of crashing.
No new features until the current features work:  At the very least make the UI smart enough to not allow me to mix incompatible features and data types.  Because of the significant incompatibilities in BEWS I have been forced to reduce the features that I use until it's worth no more than NT Backup.  You need to change the way you think about your product and release quality instead of quantity.
###Here's a fine example of why BEWS is junk.  I attempted to submit this post and received the following error:  Message Subject: Message subject cannot exceed 100 characters.
Instead of making it "seem" like I can do something and then throwing errors after I try to use it; just don't let me do it.  If your forum doesn't support more than 100 characters in the header then just don't allow me to type more than 100 characters!  If BEWS doesn't support a certain feature on a certain file type then don't allow me to select the feature to begin with.  Be helpful up front instead of allowing me to waste time only to receive errors as the final step.