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AOFO: Initialization Failure...Cache Files not created

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We recently changed our backup from backup to Disk and Tape differential weekdays then Disk & Tape weekends: full.   To Diff. Taoe weekdays and Full disk & Tape weekends.   Since then, we can't shake this error: 

V-79-57344-34110 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "E:". Advanced Open File Option used: Symantec V...
Snapshot provider error (0xE000851C): Cache files required for the Symantec Volume Snapshot Provider...
Check the Windows Event Viewer for details.

This: does not work.

The drive is on the BE server itself.

I have tried manually setting the Cache location.
I Have 4 TB of space available.  It is only trying to make about 300GB cache file.
All permissions look good.
Process volumes one at a time is checked.

Any ideas?