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AOFO - locks up servers

Level 3
I have BE10.0 Rev. 5520 installed on a Windows 2003 server, which has a LTO-2 and a LTO-3 tape library attached. Recently files servers are locking up during full and differential backups. We used to have AOFO enabled and was running fine. But all of a sudden server lockups are happening so we have to disable AOFO. Even the server that has the BE software has been freezing up. The only way to recover from the freeze up is to hard reboot these servers which is causing lot's of concerns. Is this a known issue?

Level 6

Could you elaborate on what exactly happens when the server locks up? Do the backup exec services stop or do the jobs hang or are queued?

Do you get any errors in the backup exec alerts tab? Also look for errors in the WIndows event logs. Try backups on a backup-to-disk folder and see if the same problem occurs.

Revert with details to above q's if the issue persists.

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Level 3
The server BE is installed and running from locked up last night. It locked up 2 minutes after completing a full backup of a folder that is located on it's C: drive (AOFO was enabled on that job). It was locked up to the point where I have to manually hit the power button to shut it down. BE alerts tab does not have errors before the lockup.

On BE server the Windows System event logs the last entries just prior to the lockup shows The Volume Shadow Copy server was successfully sent a start control, (3 minutes later) The Volume Shadow copy services eneted the running state, followed by The Volume Shadow copy serviced entered the stoppped state.

Three weeks ago this BE server locked up while it was performing a full backup on another server. During the same week the server being backup also locked up during the backup. Both times there aren't any errors in the Alerts tab and no errors in Windows System event logs.

So far the lockup has happened on the BE server 3 times and on the targeted server 3 times within a two months period. Because there isn't any error messages prior to the shutdown, it is difficult to troubleshoot. The only common point that these lockup occurs is when the AOFO option is enabled on the backup jobs. I've removed the AOFO from these jobs and it seems to run fine, until last night where it locked up the BE server. But the last backup job it ran before the lockup had AOFO enabled therefore I have removed it and will see if it will lockup on tonight's run.

Level 6
Hi Steve,

Please refer to this document for more information:

"Unknown OFO error: 0xe0001002 OFO: Snapshot error (0X46B): A potential deadlock condition has been detected" is returned when backing up with Open File Option enabled.

Hope this helps!


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